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4/21/2017 12:04pm
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Hello all, I received the following report from my dermatologist, who is recommending a further excision of an atypical mole, and am having a hard time deciphering what it means in plain english.  Is it melanoma?  Is it just atypical and could, if not further treated, turn into melanoma?  I'd appreciate any help from those of you with more knowledge. Thanks in advance.  


"A disorganized junctional proliferation of melanocytes in both a nested and lentiginous growth pattern is present with junctional nest architectural variation and moderate random cytologic atypia. There is no significant migration of melanocytes into higher epidermal levels. Papillary dermal fibroplasia, melanin incontinence and inflammation are seen. Aggregates of banal-appearing melanocytes are present within the dermis. The atypical melanocytes extend to a peripheral margin and thus re-excision is recommended."

JJ1970 - (4/21/2017 - 12:20pm)

By the way, I should have added the diagnosis:  "Compound Nevus With Moderate Melanocytic Dysplasia ; Peripheral Margin Involved; Right Paraspinal Back"

Hi JJ,

To answer your question: No, this isn't melanoma, it's a compound nevus (as stated in the disagnosis section of the path report). And this is good!  The standard of care for this (especially when margins are involved) is to go back and take larger margins to make sure it doesn't come back.  

This is good news!



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BillMFl - (4/22/2017 - 3:59pm)

This type of lesion may or may not eventually become melanoma. It definitely has the potential and the remaining margins should be excised.