How long will full recovery of surgery take?

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5/11/2012 8:52pm
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I recently had a wide excision on my ankle.  It is exactly where the top of my foot meets my leg, right where it bends with every step.  Before surgery the doctor said I may need crutches for a couple days.  It's healing "beautifully" according to the surgeon, but as you all know...beautiful is not the word I would use.  She now says continue to use the crutches and keep elevated as much as possible.  It's very painful and I don't see any time in the near future where I will be wanting to put pressure or a walking motion in that area.  Has anyone out there had this done in this area and if long does it take before the skin can handle weight and motion???  Good news is that the cancer did not get into the lymph nodes, so I will focus on that, BUT...I do have my moments of sadness as I realize my normal activities will be changes for quite a while.

I am very sorry to read that you're hurting but am overjoyed to hear that your lymph node were clean! YAY!!!

My surgery didn't take place on my foot but I do know that surgeries take time to heal.

A friend of mine has a really good saying to the effect of "everything takes as long as it takes". You need to measure your progress in baby steps. For example, if yesterday you could walk two steps and not feel pain and today you could take four steps and not feel pain, that's progress. If your doc prescribed pain meds for you, take them. Use your crutches as long as necessary. Above all, don't do too much too soon. By Memorial Day you should see a major improvement. Hang in there. smiley You will be able to resume your normal activities.

Stage III, Unknown Primary; 1 positive node in left axilla

I've never had my ankle worked on but I've had 5 other surgeries (mildest was cleanup of my shoulder) 3 big ones were abdominal exploration, prostatectomy and last summer Lymph node dissection - 17 of them. The older i've gotten the longer they take. Do exactly what your docs tell you, eat well, rest often and let people help you is what I've learned. a few times it was 6 to 9 months before I really felt normal again. far less than that to resume my normal routine.

I've never had surgery there, either, but had a met removed from the outside lobe of my left lung in 2010 and 4 large ones from my intestine this past march. Surprisingly, the ribs on my left side still ache, while the abdominal surgery, while substantially more complex, I recuperated from rather quickly. Stay focused on the fact that it wasn't in your lymph nodes! It's frustrating to be "held back" , but definitely, take your meds and follow doctor orders. I'm certain my ribs hurt because I did too much too soon (christmastime and SOMEBODY had to get it done LOL!!!) best of luck!!!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I had a melanoma-in-situ taken off my lower right calf through wide-excision surgery. It took 60 stitches, was on crutches the first week to move around house. Had to raise legs above heart for week when sitting and laying to keep swelling down. Was out of work 5 weeks mostly because my job as a law enforcement officer requires alot of walking and driving where my leg was being used. It has been 8 months and my leg is healing well but still aches at end of day after walking on it. I was told by my surgeon that because I stayed off my leg and kept it elevated my healing went better than alot of others who went right back to work or walked on it right after surgery so I am glad I gave it time to heal properly.

Every day is closer to total healing. Take the time you need and follow the doctor's advice. I know when I was in the waiting room for my first follow up appt there were several others in the waiting room commenting that my foot wasn't as swollen as theirs and it was because I had stayed off it for a week and kept it elevated.

Health and Blessings