Husband new pain in right side to stomach area

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8/11/2010 12:28pm
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Hi everyone,

My husband (Jim) is the one who has had no surgery other than to remove the original Melanoma and then to remove a local recurrence last year.  He has progressed to Stage III as his cervical lymph node is quite large about 1 1/2 inches, round like a ball sticking out on his neck.  He is only doing alternative and herbal.  He did not do the WLE or the SNB...As of yesterday, he has a pain on the same side as the Melanoma on his right side, going into the stomach area.  He thought he might have pulled a muscle as he has been doing work around the house...then decided it was just probably gas or something like that.  He did nothing yesterday, but sit it the chair.  I came home from work, he was still in pain when he moved, even his leg .., I put one of those icey hots things on it and barely put pressure and he acted like it really hurt.  I am wondering could this be something else, or am I just being alarmed because he is not doing any other treatment...?  My mind is racing.  Any input would help me, please.  I know most of you are doing regular treatment, but my husband's decision was to only do natural...He is still a fighter and a warrior, just fighting a different way.     Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much.

Take Care,

Sherron, wife to Jim




Is Jim willing to go to a Dr.?  It could be melanoma but it could also be lots of different things.  If he is still hurting today I would encourage him to go find out what it is. 

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Thanks for replying....I think the pain will have to get much worse before he will go. His original Melanoma was Nodular on the lower scalp area, that is where the lymph node is so large now. The VA offered scans and lymph node biospy last year after they removed the local recurrence and he refused further treatment.  He  is all about Quality Time.  I appreciate your response.  Still hoping it is just a pulled muscle/and or bad gas....

Take Care,

Sherron, wife to Jim

Is it upper right side or mid or lower?

Does he have any other symptoms?  How is his appetite, etc.?

Hi Lori,

I would say  mid..His appetite seems a little off, but he is not loosing weight...How is Will doing?

Take Care,

Sherron, wife to Jim


Hi Sherron,

I'd keep a very close eye on his overall health, fatigue levels, and appetite.  If the pain gets bad, I'd encourage him to get it checked out because if it is, say, liver related, there are things that can be done for quality, even if he doesn't want to treat aggressively.

Will is back from Chemo #2 and today seems very well.  On Aug 30 he does scans and has a 3rd chemo scheduled for the next day.  I'm amazed he feels better today - chemo days are long and arduous and I thought he'd be wiped out. 

Hi Sherron

i would send Jim for Scans. Our son had an interceception which is like a twisted bowl caused by Mel. lots of pain and can cause serious problems,  indirectly Mel had caused this! so going natural will not fix a 'mechanical' issue. He also had a lymph node pressing on his Utera (spell?) which closed it off and also caused much pain. Please get him checked out.

best wishes


Okay - It's Friday - he has finally gone to  work..Stomach area still uncomfortable....did not work on Tues, Weds, and about an hour yesterday.....He still says it is a pulled muscle or only very bad gas...Oh, my goodness....he is so optomistic, and I guess I am doom and gloom...what a pair we make.  He will have to have very bad to severe pain before he goes to the doctor...I think in nearly 43 years of marriage he's probably only gone to the doctor 4 to 5 times.

Deep breath, relax, taking a soaking tub bath tonight, with candles and a small glass of wine...trying to relax and not to worry.  Thanks to everyone who responded to me.   It's really hard.

Take Care,

Sherron, wife to Jim

That soaking bath, candles, glass of wine etc  sounds so wonderful..yep take a deep breath, he is a very stubborn fellow but like me pain has a very funny way of changing my mind about what I will and will not do so prepare yourself you might be going in for scans soon hopefully it's gas and you all can laugh about it. Have a glass of wine for me please. Good Luck & God Bless. love, Sharon in Reno Stage IV

To Thy Own Self Be True & Move Fast When You "Know" You Have To!!

Thanks Sherron....Who knows, I might take the whole bottle of wine in there. if only I had a flat-screen TV to watch while I soaked.  We can dream, right?  I have read your post, know you have gone thru alot....wishing to the very best...

Take Care,

Sherron, wife to Jim

oops...spelled your name wrong!


What was the outcome of this?  Prior to my Melanoma diagnosis I had pain at the bottom of my right ribcage about two inches from the center of my chest.  I had an ultrasound that came back clean.  Then I had another test that used radioactive die to image the liver and gallbladder.  This too was negative but they noted that I had somewhat of a "fatty liver" that is quite common with the modern diet.

The pain came and went for about a year (quite painful when it came back) but didn't much think about it until my melanoma diagnosis.  It didn't bother me much but when I went on high-dose Interferon it kicked back up.  By this time I was very concerned about the possibility of cancer in my liver so the doctor ordered an MRI for me.  Once again, the test was negative.

A few months ago I stopped the Interferon treatments and have not had any pain.  My diet is better (less fatty foods) and my doctors feel that it has been my gallbladder all along.  They offered to remove it but, at this point, my pain is nonexistant so I'm leaving it alone.

Hope your husband has similar benign problems.  Just wanted you to know that his symptoms may very well be from a rather minor problem.

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