Husband path report confusing/Spitzoid tumor of uncertain malignant potential

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12/6/2017 5:18pm
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My husband, 64, had a pink bump on his leg that he has had for many years, which derm said skin tag.  It began to grow so I made him an appt to have it removed.  They sent it to path lab and the report was very confusing.  The lesion passed the FISH test as no melanoma but because of strange archtiture of the sample they indicated it should be treated as “atypical BAP-1 Deficient Spitzoid Melanocytic tumor of uncertain malignant potential.   It was listed as type nodular and BAP-1 deficiency at least 5.0 thickness and IV invasion level.  We had the excision done today as well as a SNB and am going crazy reading what this might be on the internet.  I have a call into the surgeon to ask if he can split samples and send to 2 different labs for review.  Has anyone heard/seen anything like this?  Our dermatologist indicated this was rare to have several pathologist review and come up with conflicting recommendations.  Help, I am going crazy. Thank you