hypophisitis and eye problems

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7/10/2014 2:26am
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MRI, CT scans say no hypophisitis. Endocrinologist said that my adrenal insufficiency is not due to hypophisitis.  At a recent routine eye examination opthomologist told me that I have convergence insufficiency or palsy in binocular eye movement.  This explains headaches when I read.  How about the fact that the third cranial nerve, the ocular motor nerve crosses right behind the pituitary. Hypophisitis, anyone?   Eye doc doesn't want to go there yet.  I'm to do pencil push ups for 6 weeks to see if exercise can resolve this.  If it isn't one adverse reaction to Yervoy, it's another.  I know that adverse reaction(s) can mean that the Yervoy has stimulated my immune system even though I had only two 3 mg infusions. I just hope my immune system has gone after any melanoma cells in addition to just about everything else.

Anonymous - (7/10/2014 - 2:39pm)