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7/28/2010 7:14pm
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MRF has established a partnership with Cosmopolitan Magazine.  As part of that we have created a web page for donations.  Anyone who gives $10 or more gets a special bracelet Cosmo designed. 

Here's the neat part.  When you make the donation you have the option of leaving a comment.  The comments people have left are amazing.  Just a few words, but a lot of passion.  We have comments from patients, friends, family members. 

Might be worth taking a minute or two to read through them.  I found it inspiring.  One person is 23 year survivor of Stage III melanoma!

Here's the link:  www.firstgiving.com/cosmopolitan



Tim, as you kknow I strongly support the aim.  I do have a couple of comments about the info on the referenced website information. I have read many places that Melanoma is also the 2nd fastesst growiig cancer it females in the 15 to early 20's age group.  I also disagree with not being more explict about checking the private areas (these melanomas are considered extra deadly because they are usually missed by most dermatologist skin checks.  Also melanoma can start in the eyes, oral cavity and other locations not often checked.

I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.