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10/10/2011 5:06pm
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So, for those of you who've done IL-2 and gotten the itch (real bad), when does it go away?  Today starts week 3 from the start of the second week treatment.  I can deal with stuff still happening, but I'm living from Atarax dose to next Atarax dose.  50mg/dose, along with Doxipin, which is supposed to help.

Oatmeal baths feel great (especially when they're hot (a no-no)) followed by Sarna creme is a great fix for about 10 minutes.

Anyone else have any secret cure?

I can' wait to get scans--almost all the mel crusted under the aldera creme and most of it is off (leaving pigment behind) 

I'm so hopeful, I don't want to get shot down!



Don't Stop Believing

rbruce - (10/10/2011 - 6:58pm)


I had horrible itching after each round of IL2.  It was gone about 2-3 weeks after my last round.  I know exactly what you mean about the Aveeno bath feeling great and then 10 minutes later it was back.  It seemed worse at night I guess because I was just laying there.  I did find that wearing minimal pj's helped, also Benadry helped me quite a bit as well.  Just remember, "this too shall pass".  Best of luck.  Robert

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MariaH - (10/11/2011 - 6:45am)

Hi Karen!  I'm not sure if you tried this, but Aveeno worked for Dave.  This was the extra heavy cream, non-steroidal for psoriasis.  His itching only lasted for about a week after his last treatment, but he also had to start taking steroids for the vision problems, which may have actually taken care of the "itchies".

Like Bruce said, this too shall pass.  Hope it's a good sign for you though :)

All the best,



KatyWI - (10/13/2011 - 4:24pm)

I found that really heavy-duty moisturizer worked better than Sarna.  But there's no secret that I know of.

Oh, I feel for you!  It was just miserable and drove me nuts after the last treatment.  It WILL get better.


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