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9/10/2010 10:59pm
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Hi everyone. I think I'm fully recovered from round one of IL-2, been home for 6 days and I'm feeling good.  Feeling really good actually, I hope that's not a bad thing. I start my second round on Monday and am wondering, if I am fortunate enough to be one of the positive responders to the treatment, what would I expect to see? I was told that I'd probably be waiting for about 3 weeks to know if it's working.  I can't find much information about IL-2 working on people, at least in detail. Do tumors just shrivel and die? I have a good sized cluster on my back and one on my chest about  the size of a lima bean that I can actually see under my skin. The internal ones, I just have to hope for shrinkage. But would I actually be able to see these things physically get smaller? Also, I've heard from some people that tumors could actually swell or enlarge while being defeated. Has anyone heard or experienced this? I plan on asking my doctor these questions next time I see him, but until then, any information from anyone here would be really appreciated and put my sometimes worried mind at ease. Thankyou.

KatyWI - (9/10/2010 - 11:42pm)

Hey Kevin,

My internal mets that vanished were smaller & weaker on the first PET after IL-2 and then just gone on the second.  My subQ that didn't respond would shrink during IL-2 and then plump back up afterwards.  So, if your subQs are responding, yes, I'd think you could physically see them shrink.  I have heard of tumors swelling before dying on Ipi, but I haven't heard the same thing about IL-2.

Glad you're feeling better.  It's not a bad sign.  As thinks battle wears on, it may take you longer to get to this point but most likely you will bounce back every time before you have to go back.


Just keep going!

Fen - (9/11/2010 - 8:13pm)

The board is slow on weekends, Kevin, and I know you'll be too busy to repost on Monday.  Just wanted to wish you luck with the next round.  Sending good vibes, prayers - whatever you want! Post when you can to let us know how it went.


SuzannefromCA - (9/11/2010 - 9:23pm)

Hi Kevin, are you doing just IL-2 or in combination with Biochemotherapy? I had a lung met and the Biochemo shrunk it totally away. I  did 18 treatments and self injected at home with IL-2 and Leukine as well. I would get sent for the periodic scans while I was going through the treatments and I don't know at what point there was actually shrinkage. I have been 4 years out now with no evidence of new disease. I had a total response to my treatment, but I know not everyone has been able to respond to Biochemo treatment, but it saved me. Who is your oncologist? Do you go to Dr. O'Day? I am up in the S.F. Bay Area and go to Dr. Minor.

Please keep us posted,


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