Initial Biopsy Questions

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11/8/2017 12:34pm
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I just had an initial biopsy done on a suspicious mole on my left arm a few weeks ago.  The pathology report came back recomending a wide excision to include 10mm of uninvolved skin.  I was very technical and confusing and none of the general information I am seeing to look for was present: growth phase, thickness, mitotic rate.  Is this normal?  I am seeing my general surgeon again this week to go over the report and talk about next steps but I am concerned that this is not a comprehensive analysis.

I had a general surgeon do the original biopsy as it was going to be december before I could see my dermatologist referral.  Frankly I am scared.  I was origianlly refered to the general surgeon for swollen lymph nodes in my neck and when she saw the mole she offered to remove it and get the pathology started on it.  An now I am worried that the lymph nodes and the melanoma are connected....

I know stressing about it wont do any good but I am wondering if when I see my surgeon I should request a referral to someone who specializes in Melanom to do the next step or if it is ok for her to do the excision...  Also if they are not planning on checkin the lypmh nodes should I push for this as they have been swollen for over four months now (I thought I had a thyroid issue!)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated...


Janner - (11/8/2017 - 1:32pm)

Can you get a copy of the report and post it?  Without more info, we can only give very basic info.   Where was the mole?  What was the diagnosis?  Where are the lymph nodes in relation to the node?  That's crucial in answering your questions.  I would want to know more about the pathology before scheduling the excision.  Given the diagnosis, there may be other procedures needed.