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11/7/2017 3:23pm
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Well, hello!

 Wide excision and one lymph node removed. Got copy of inital path report from mole removal done Oct 26.

Results ...

Type  Superficial Spreading with Nodular Growth

NOT ulcerated

Depth 1.5mm

Regression not identified

Mitoses 7

Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes present, non-brisk

Path code T2a


Any insight on these results appreciated and a thousand thanks for the wonderful responses to my first post. 

ed williams - (11/7/2017 - 4:57pm)

Hi Muphinn, so who are you dealing with at this point? Is it a surgeon or pathologist or have you been given a referal to an Oncologist? What was the next steps given to you based on the path report?

muphinn - (11/7/2017 - 5:12pm)

Thanks Ed. Based on that path report it was advised to have wide exicision and SLNB and those were done today. My 'regular' surgeon said I would see an oncologist regardless of results of today's proceedures.

ed williams - (11/7/2017 - 7:27pm)

Wishing you the best, hope the result come back negative!!!Ed

Anonymous - (11/9/2017 - 3:10am)

Overall it's a good picture but there are some concerning elements. For example, superficial spreading is often very slow growing but nodular is aggressive, so nodular growth is not good. 'Not ulcerated' is great news, ulceration is not a good thing. Depth 1.5mm is still thin but over the magic 1mm mark, therefore you need and SLNB. 'Regression not identified' is good. Mitoses 7 is not so good, that means it was in a growth phase/growing. Overall though, the odds are very much in your favor.

ed williams - (11/9/2017 - 7:23am)