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6/23/2014 5:10pm
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Dear friends, I've just joined the forum. I'm not citizen of USA. I am prescribed to have ipilimubab + pd-1, but unfortunately it is not available in my country. Could anyone advice if I may be aligible in any clinical trials in USA?



tcell - (6/24/2014 - 5:34pm)


I am not in the US either and recommend the Melanoma International Foundation forums for such questions. Catherine Poole is always very helpful.

I am kind of wondering how your doctor can prescribe a treatment that is not available im your country. Ipi should be approved in most countries, Anti -PD1 is only available through trials or an expanded access program in selected countries.

wether or not you are eligible for a certain trial depends on the detailed history of your illness, treatments, current state, etc. If you take part im a US trial you may need to be there every month or even more often dependimg on the treatment you get and the testimg involved. You can find a trial via the link that you can find on this site.

Hope this helps for the beginning.

all the best,


dodo - (6/25/2014 - 5:45pm)

Thank you dear Chris,

unfortunately drugs like ipilimumab is not available in our country and only option is to get them yourself in other world. As far as IPI is the only advanced drag for me my doctor prescribed it correctly and this is my job to get it thoughout the planet :) Catherine is so helpful to me, I got a lot of useful support from her. For the time being I culd not find any trial with IPI + Pd-1, that is considerred the best response having option for melanoma patients. Traveling to USA and to be there as long as needed is not problem as I have valid VISA.

So I'm under decision to receive IPI seperately. 

Thanks once again


joelcairo - (6/24/2014 - 6:11pm)

I believe you would be eligible to participate. My biggest concern would be what if I had a reaction to one of the medications and had to spend time in a US hospital? I'm not sure any insurance you could get would cover that situation.