Ipi-Related Colitis and Bloody Stool

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2/26/2014 5:18am
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So, have ipi-related colitis after 3rd infusion.  Within 36 hours of the start of a period of diarrhea not helped by Immodium, I start on Prednisone (now at 100 mg/day) and Endocort, i.e., got on it quickly.  Diarrhea stopped within a day.  However, still having bloody stools (more bright red than dark, but some dark) at each movement.  No abdominal pain other than minor cramping around movements.  Have been on steroids for about 2.5 days.  Should the bleeding have stopped by now?  Of course, I'm in touch with my melanoma specialist and scheduled for a CT scan and colonoscopy in the coming days.  Just curious if anyone has useful experience to share.  Thanks.

How are you doing?  My dad is having the same problem today actually, just wanted to see how you are.  Hope things are better :-)