Ipi + SRS for brain mets?

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5/26/2014 8:36am
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Is there anyboy who's been down this trail  thats's around to talk about it ?

ecc26 - (5/26/2014 - 9:45am)

There's lot of people on here that have had brain mets in combination with various therapies. I had Ipi with whole brain because of the number of mets and a concern of possible leptomeningeal disase. That was almost a year ago. I've had 2 SRS since then (January and just this past week) for completely new mets each time (not regrowth of old ones). Since December I've been on the BRAF/MEK combo, not Ipi, so I haven't had your exact combo, but SRS is typically more effective with far fewer side effects than WBR (and much easier as it's a one and done kind of thing). I would suspect that you'll have good results with the SRS, and hope you get a good response with the Ipi as well. Also, I did the whole brain and Ipi at the same time, so If you were concerned about doing your treatments concurrently, I wouldn't be- there is some data out there that suggest that radiation and Ipi done together may enhance the efficacy of both therapies. 

LuckyMan51 - (5/26/2014 - 9:47am)

I did Ipi and had SRS in early 2012.  Both treatments were very manageable for me. I believe that the SRS procedure has an 85-90% success rate typically. I did have a same spot recurrence as they seemed to have missed a few cells so I has a craineomety, radiation and Ipi on the second go round. Currently NED and scheduled for next series of scans May 28th. 

RJoeyB - (5/26/2014 - 10:30am)

I had SRS and ipi following a single 2.5-cm brain met that was treated primarily with surgery. The met was found on PET-CT (my then annual brain MRI was actually scheduled for the following week), and 5 days later I had a craniotomy. The surgery went well, but as I understand it, SRS following surgery is common. So about a month later I had CyberKnife (a kind of machine that delivers SRS) to treat the "tumor bed" cavity. Then a month after that I started a standard four-dose course of ipi. It's been almost a year since my last ipi dose and my (now more frequent, about every three months) MRI's have been clear, next one is in a few weeks.


buffcody - (5/28/2014 - 5:34pm)

2 small brain mets were discovered in October 2012.  My oncologist decided to start me on IPI for a couple of rounds before the SRS.  I believe this was because he believed that the synergistic effect of the 2 would be more likely if I was already on the IPI prior to the SRS.  The two mets seemed to be successfully eradicated, but there was what later proved to be necrosis to the site of one of them that because of subsequent seizures a half year later called for a craniotomy.  On a recent brain MRI an area of concern appeared at the site of the other SRSed tumor.  For now the radiation and neurosurgeons are interpreting this as a byproduct of the radiation but are keeping a careful eye on it with less space between MRIs to see what develops.  Given the likelihood of brain recurrences, I am very happy that there has been no definite further metastasis.  I'll know more in late July about the area of concern.