Is it safe to become pregnant with melanoma?

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11/15/2017 6:35am
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Hey!! My sister is diagnosed with melanoma 2 years back. Is it safe for her to conceive during the melanoma treatment? Last day, she told me that she thinks she is pregnant. Initially, I was happy to hear but later I remembered her condition. She is very weak after all the treatment. She was in stage 2 and now she is recovering from it. I have asked her to confirm it asap. I'm worried about the situation. She and her hubby were longing for having babies. She told me that if she is pregnant she won't miss this chance. She told me that she will undergo prenatal massage therapy from Toronto as she heard that it will improve all the functionality and reduces the pain. I don't know how to convince her. I just want to know if anyone here became pregnant with melanoma. Any advice is highly appreciated. Can this melanoma be treated with any kind of physical therapies? Please share your wisdom!

Anonymous - (11/15/2017 - 1:00pm)

Stage 2 doesn't usually have treatment, so can you be more specific?  What was the treatment called?  Interferon?  Where is/was her melanoma?  Has it spread to the lymph node or organs?  Melanoma cannot be treated with physical therapy.  Physical therapy is not going to kill cancer cells.  Your link is just normal physical therapy designed to relieve pain.  It won't help or hurt melanoma wise.  Many women have become pregnant after having a melanoma removed but they are usually advised to wait until they have been melanoma free for several years.  Higher the stage, the longer they are advised to wait.  For stage I, I know it was suggested I wait 2 years.   Within the first few years of diagnosis is also the highest risk time of having it return.  The biggest issue is having melanoma return and then no chance to treat it while pregnant.  And in a very few cases (advanced stage IV), it is possible for melanoma to pass to the uterus and fetus.  (In a retrospective study of almost 30 years, this is documented to have happened to < 10 women.  Extremely low risk but not no risk)  If she is pregnant, she should be monitored very carefully.