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3/19/2017 10:02am
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Well I took Shane for a regular old eye exam to get new glasses and they saw what is a suspected metastisis in his eye. Thank goodness we already are seeing the oncologist and radiologist on Monday. The plan was to get radiation on the big sub q in his side/back and get spinal radiation at T8 T7 and L4.

Now with this development I'm not sure if the plan will change. They may have to do occular radiation. Mets to the eye are very rare but shane seems to get all the rare stuffor in his cancer journey.

He's 8 months post open from a clnd and 2 days ago the incision developed a hole and pus was coming out. So onto antibiotics he went. The hole has gotten Bigger so I hope it closes up once the infection is gone.

And lastly a bit of good news. PMH reviewed Shane's latest brain MRI and doesn't think there is progression. It's all tissue death making the tumor look bigger. So while not shrinking, he hasn't progressed in the brain. We have followup scans in 3 months to check again. For now he's staying on dabrafenib and tramentinib while we work out insurance for ipi/nivo as its not funded here.


Bubbles - (3/19/2017 - 10:07am)

Hey Janis, 

I have followed the ordeals you and Shane have been confronted with.  I have no words of wisdom to offer, but wanted to let you know how much I respect YOUR strength and appreciate what an amazing supportive caregiver you are to Shane.  That is no small thing.  Holding you both in my heart.  Hang in there.  Celeste

ed williams - (3/19/2017 - 11:43am)

Hi Janis, when I had my CLND and width margins taken back in 2012 I developed a quater size open wound on my back alone the suture line. They eventually used a product called Prisma wound balancing matrix on top of wound with a dressing on top. It closed up pretty quickly after that. Here is a link to how product works. Best Wishes!!!Ed

maperny - (3/19/2017 - 6:14pm)

Great news about the brain, Janis.  And that is so important.

Sorry about the eye.  Hoping that when you see the Drs they will figure out whether plan needs changing quickly and then get on with that spine radiation,  Mets on spine were so painful for my husband that I really sympathise there.

good luck and wishing you well tomorrow