I've fired my local Dermatologist.

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6/29/2014 11:18am
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I'm really upset and anxious.  My history is up to day with the high points.  I've been stalble over a year and a half after 4 weeks HD INF.  This May I got some kind of mystery virus. and acquired two areas on eith side of my neck of hyperpigmentation.  Local Doc says rash from sun/alergies...whatever.  It dosnt itch, not inflammed.  then a couple more weeks and I am developing Vitiligo.  Derm says, yup, thats what you got.  Told him about this neck pigment thing again. He just gives me a sterioid cream.  I am so done with this local Derm.  When I go in for a skin check he says...what do you want me to look at....(I could scream....all the freaking changes my skin is going thru)  If I don't point something out he just glosses of everything.  My skin has changed more since this mystery virus than in my whole lifetime.

(Breathing)  Ok.  I also recall during my INF treatment I had to see the Eye Doc, I was having a side efffect of swelling, sensativity and migraines in the eye.  At that time I had pigment changes to the back of the retina.  (Vitiligo?)  I'm getting more inflamation, pain and migrains in my eye again.  All head pain goes to this eye, I hate it.  I'm clalling Monday for an appointed with her.

So I sent an email to my Medical Oncolgist this morning asking for guidance.  I explained just as I have with you guys.  Asking to point me to a Derm who has experience with all of the issues or if they wanted to see me.  

Local Derm is suggesting sterioid treatments and sun therapy crap and I'm like.....HEY  why would I want it to stop if it might possibly help the melanoma situation.  ugh.  I'v read all the published material about this and just get more confusted as to any recommened treatment with these things going on or not treatment at all or just become entirely anxiety ridden and start wearing gloves in the summer to my new skin doesn't burn.

Sorry guys, I'm just lost with these developments and even if it means anything and anything should be down.  I'm getting more depressed by the day just watching these white patches creep bigger.  I've noticied its creeping down my forhead now and out from my ears.  It started on the right hand with is a mess now and the lef hand is looking like it will match.  I'm very fair skinned so I think I notice it more than any one else would.

I just wonder if all this is happening on the outside if anything is happening on the inside too.  This is why I jump on the anxiety train.

Should hear about some guidance tomorrow I hope.  Trying to keep my PMA but its hard some times.

I don't even think I have any questions,  I don't even know if that all made sense,  Just wanted someone to know what I'm goin thru and if there is any advice out there.

Thanks Colleen



There is a good dermatologist at Siteman cancer center in Saint Louis. She only sees us melanoma folks and has tons of experience. Her name is Dr. Cornellius. Dunno if you want to travel but she might be worth a visit. I have read somewhere about how vitiligo is sometimes a response by our immune system as an indication it might be beating the mel cells. If I were you I would stay away from the steroid creams including cortisone because that reduces the immune system. But that's just me.

Oh and I wear gloves when I'm out all the time. Granted that was me doing it not the doctors telling me. I just don't want the sunlight getting me again especially when I'm on these powerful medicines.


Thanks Artie.  I've read a ton about it and my head is spinning.  My Derm wanted to give me steroid creams!!!!  I said now, are you crazy?  I'm thinking I'll get some glove too.  My hands are the worse and its spreading rapidly.  I'm hoping my Onc's at OSU have someone there they will send me to.  I'll find out tomorrow.  Thanks for the suggestion though.  Never hurts to have a back up.

Thangs Again Artie.