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6/2/2014 1:06pm
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Hi Everybody - I haven't been on in a few months so I wanted to give an update on my husband.  As of right now, he just had a 3 month CT and is 15 months NED!  They took a nodule out of his lung in March of 2013 and so far, no new growths have appeared.  He has not had any treatments to date - just surgeries.

I hope and pray it stays at bay for the remainder of his life. We continue with 3 month CT's until the end of this year.  If all is still stable, we will go to every 6 months.

Prayers and thoughts to all of you beating the beast.


p.s.  If any of you live in the Chicago land area, hope to see you at the Miles for Melanoma on July 12th.

rosa1 - (6/2/2014 - 2:00pm)


very happy for your husband, hope he continues on his NED status forever. You said he has not had any systemic treatments but just surgeries. Was wondering if he follows any special diets, or if he's taking any supplements/vitamins on a daily basis?

All things are possible through God!

Jahendry12 - (6/2/2014 - 6:04pm)

Actually yes.  I consulted with a Naturopath once he was diagnosed and he takes many supplements.  He is a very healthy, active 50 year old man and I want to keep him that way.  On a daily basis, he takes Vitamin C, Tumeric, Probiotic, Noni and a few others.  He also eats 5 brazil nuts a day.  I think the combination of a healthy diet, exercize and anything to help boost his immune system keeps him healthy so if at some point systemic treatments are necessary, his body is strong enough to help him fight.