Just got biopsy results! So scared!!

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7/31/2014 3:51pm
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Hello all :)

I am a 27 year ok healthy mom of a 2.5 year old boy (my everything!!).  About 3 weeks ago my sister noticed a black mole on my back and said I should get it looked at.  Naturally I am a worrier and slight hypochondriac so I called my doctor right away.  She set me up for an appt. I went in and showed her my mole.  It was miss shaped light and black and raised.  All the characteristics I don't want to have.  He said she was concerned but not worried.  He said some back tomorrow and have it removed so I did.  I right away thought this is it, it'll be cancer and my life is over.  Well my whole family said it's nothing, don't worry, skin cancer isn't going to kill you.  

My doctor called me today after two weeks and said that it was malignant.  My heart stopped, this is so devastating!!! She said the biopsy says that the mole is localized and malignant and that I need to go to a plastic surgeon to have more removed.  

I don't even know what to think, I don't know what this means and I am trying har but all I can't think is my baby will lose his mom!! 

Any advise would be lovely!!

First thing is to get a copy of the pathology report.  Depending on how deep it was, assuming the doctor got most of it, will determine your next step.  If it is greater the .75mm in depth than you really need to see an oncologist that specializes in melanoma.  If it is less than that than maybe a surgeon will do.  Post the report here and folks can be of more help.


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Thanks Mary! What does it mean when they say localized?

my family doctor removed the mole herself and is now sending me to a plastic surgeon and a dermatologist after these results.  I am so scared.

Anonymous - (7/31/2014 - 7:13pm)

Is that recommended, anything greater than 0.75mm to see a melanoma oncologist?  If someone has a 0.80mm melanoma, they should see an oncologist?

Hi there,

Usually if the depth is >1mm (or >0.75mm, depending on other characteristics of the lesion), the patient is referred to a surgical oncologist for a wide local excision (getting more tissue out at the site of the original lesion) and sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB, to see if the melanoma cells have traveled to the lymph nodes). I'm not aware of plastic surgeons doing SLNBs, so if you are at all uncomfortable with the plan as prescribed, I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with a surgical oncologist.

Hope this helps!



If you are NED, what is an oncologist going to offer you?  They treat active disease.  If you are stage 1a/1B, you don't have active disease.  Personally, I don't see the point.  It's more important to see a derm and watch for skin changes.  Your derm should be able to palpate your lymph nodes which is the only thing I think an onc would do for an early stage individual.


I agree with you (about not seeing an oncologist yet), IF she is, indeed Stage Ia/Ib. However, I didn't see any information in her post to indicate her current stage, so we don't know if she has active disease or not.

However, the fact that she was referred to a plastic surgeon is either 1. Overkill, or 2. Indicative of a concerning lesion (perhaps Stage II MM) that is going to require larger margins upon re-excision. (In which case, having a plastic surgeon do the procedure could be of great benefit cosmetically.) 

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Thanks everyone!

i don't know what stage I am at (so concerning).  My family doctor found the mole and removed it in her office.  She sent it  for biopsy and didn't say anything about the results other than It was localized and I needed to go to a plastic surgeon.  She didn't tak a large piece, a small piece.  She isn't very friendly so I don't know and I am unaware of the process.  I just can't wait for the next steps so I know what's going on.

Monday morning call your family doctor tell her you are coming my to pick up your pathology report. Then call your hospital or one who has a surgical oncologist. This is there specialty. Get an appointment for a consult and do what they say. This is there area of knowledge. My husband has stage 3 melanoma only because after diagnosis of stage 2 a from first pathology report. I took him to surgical oncologist he did wide excision around mole site on his side and a sentinal node biopsy where she took out 3 nodes. When they were tested only one had melanoma. That increased him to stage 3. There is a wide range on stage 3. Then today we had a complete lymph node dissection of his right underarm. He is up moving around doing good. We go back 8-14-14 for that pathology report. BEST THINK I DID WAS AS SOON AS WE WERE TOLD I GOT PRAY CHAIN STARTED. THEY WORK AND GIVE YOU THE GRACE TO GO THROUGH IT.
Hope this helps
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Thanks Janner! I just met with my GP to ask as many questions as I could in order to ease my mind.  She didn't know any of the answers unfortunatly.  She didn't know how deep witch I know is the most important thing to know.  She is referring me to the plastic surgeon however they haven't reached anyone yet.  She was thinking of just sending me for a CT Scan but said she didn't want too nor did she think it was neccessary, she said she would wait to see what the plastic surgeon said.  I did get a copy of the report however a lot of it doesn't make sense to me.  It does say the diagnosis is "MELANOMA IN SITU".  So this is all I know right now.
I can't help but now feel sick, chest pain, sore throat!  Doc says its my mind and nerves.  I am also so anxious to see a Dermatologist to get my other moles looked at since I am also afraid there may be more.

Melanoma in situ is the best diagnosis you can get!  You still need to have the WLE (Wide Local Excision) to make sure you have clean margins, but that is all that will be required.  I don't have the exact percentages, but something like 95% of patients with melanoma in situ will never have to deal with this again.  It will be gone, you will be NED (no evidence of disease), and life will go on as usual.  You will want to be vigilant and keep an eye out for any changing moles, or any new unusual moles.  You will want to have full-body skin checks by a dermatologist on a regular basis.  If you don't already wear sunscreen and avoid the sun at the hottest parts of the day, start now.  Other than that, once the WLE is done you can forget about melanoma and focus on life with your little boy!!

Strength and Courage,


GP's seldom know much, if anything about Melanoma.  Yours did good for a GP.  (Took 3 1/2 years for my GP to refer me for surgery.)  Get copies of all paperwork and know where your tumor is stored.  Localized? Probably means they think she removed th complete tumor.  Check the patology report and see what size clear margins were obtained. 

    You don't kknow enough to be anything but scared right now.  DON't be parnoid, but do be vigilant.  You are doing the best thing by coming here to learn. 

I went to stge IV shortly after my delayed diagnosis and ws given 30-180 days to die.  (That was in 2007.)  Still here, sstill hving Grandkids, Now even having Great Grandkids.  Melanoma is not an automatic death sentence, even at STAGE IV.

I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.