Just an update - not the best, not the worse

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1/11/2018 10:34am
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Well - it’s a new year and just had new surgery yesterday.  While recovery from my lymph node removal 5 months ago has been good and still no demonstrable side effects from Keytruda, my PET CT just after Thanksgiving showed a small spot (confirmed by needle biopsy) just next to my original sentinel node biopsy site and just outside the surgical margins from the dissection.  While usually not recommended so soon after a surgery, my docs decided an excision of this area could have additional benefit for me.

My doc was going to put me back on BRAF (which has worked very well for me, buy trying to stay off until - and hopefully not needed - urgent circumstances). But given that the fine needle biopsy showed necrotic tissue with active cells, decided I am getting clinical benefit from the Keytruda.  It will be interesting to learn more about the % of each cell type from the upcoming path report and hopefully my next rounds of imaging will help me take a sigh of relief.

Wishing my best to all of you! 

- J.

Sorry for "one more thing", J!  Your title says it all.  Glad there was necrotic tissue!!!  May Keytruda's effects continue!!  Hang in there.  Celeste

Thanks Celeste! This mel has been quite stubborn. 

- J.

Good luck j.bun - must have been disappointing to be told more surgery but i wish you a good recovery and that this will be successful, together with the keytruda. Are you being treated at Lombardi? Best wishes Mark

Hi Mark - you bet, it was really disappointing- disappointing for everyone (entire medical team). This was a new spot for sure and even though my clinical path from August was clear (had a huge lump, but went on BRAF that did wonders in 10 days before surgery), have  remained a bit skeptical/cautiously optimistic since my original diagnosis. Hopefully this does the trick! I am treated at Inova.  Hope you have a healthy year as well! 

- J.