Keytruda combined with medical marijuana

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11/6/2018 12:10pm
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Just recently my son has ask about medical marijuana.He is having anxiety and a loss of appetite.He will be having his 12th infusion next week of Keytruda.I have read that combining would be counter productive.I do not want anything to stop the Keytruda from working.I am afraid to ask the dr because I do not want them to stop Keytruda.He is stage 3c.


Why would it be counterproductive?

Don't smoke it, if that is a concern. Vape or edibles.

There is still a lot of well invested misinformation and good reason for positive anecdotes to go unspoken, so consider your sources well.The US has severely limited research on the subject of medical MJ for political reasons for decades, so much conjecture reigns.

That said, smoking is bad, m'kay.


Hahahaha! "Mkaay!" Love it...dont let him smoke it otherwise you'll see yer sons head swell up like a Balloon and it will be hard as hell to get him down from the ceiling....

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..

Medical marijuana has really (figuratively speaking) saved my husband's life. Sure, it doesn't fix the cancer. But it's basically the only thing that fixes his nausea, helps his appetite, and just generally makes him feel a little more like himself. We're in Canada (where it's now legal!!!) and the doctors here encourage my husband to take it so long as he finds it helpful. Nobody has said anything about it interfering with his treatments (which have included immunotherapy like Keytruda as well as BRAF inhibitors).

The nice thing about cannabis is that there are lots of different ways to get it into your system. Smoking is totally unecessary. You can get vaporizers which aren't too bad, or you can get a little tincture to put under your tongue, or pills. 

hi Sharonlynn210, there isn't a lot of information on the topic because it hasn't been studied in any great detail. There is one retospective trial ( where they look back at old patients) in Israel. Here is the link and you can see for yourself, that it was a small sample and again retrospective trial.