Knowledge or Experience with Gleevec

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8/18/2013 6:05pm
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Greetings....Diagnosed in late July with a recurrence of melanoma in my right lung (two small tumors).  I have c-Kit gene mutation and doctor wants to start me with Gleevec.  I've been doing a bit of research on my own, but I want to know if anyone in this "community" has any insights or experience with this drug.


Jerry (jerryfromfaq) does..I am sure he will be here soon and has alot of knowledge, and experience (Hi Jerry!)

Thanks, Becky.  (I wasn't expecting such a quick response.)  I'll give Jerry a "shout."


Becky tracked me down and politely told me to get my butt over here to respond to you!

I've been  on Gleevec for over 4 years,  Will be glad to post her to answer question, or go to the MPIP chat room, or haave you call me on the phone.  You can also do a search on "Gleevec" on this BB and find many post by me.  It seems to be the easisst Chemo to take.  It is the first targeted chemo ever approved by the FDA, just not proberly tested on melanoma originally.  Wasn't restricted to c-kit melanomas.  Has no effect on other types of melanoma.

I will hang in the cchat room for the next 1/2 hour.  Til at least 23:00 tonight to.


I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.


Thanks for the quick response.  I was out-of-pocket for most of last night.  I'll take a look at earlier posts, and, yes, I'd like to discuss through the BB or chatroom.  Maybe we can do that tonight (8/19).

I'm supposed to get my first dosage tomorrow.

Thanks, again.