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11/8/2018 5:20pm
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Thank you Lord. Just got off phone with my doctor and he said the nodes came back negative and that he got all of it when he carved me up.

You guys have been soooo much help and comfort. Thank you all very much. I will point people to this site that have problems with this stuff. Question: I have been officially labled as someone who had a cancer growth. They say it has been cut out. Where did it come from and is it really gone or is it just that patch of skin thats clean for now?

I hope you dont mind if I stick around for awhile. 



casagrayson - (11/8/2018 - 7:55pm)

Great news, Mike!!   You are officially concerned cancer-free, NED (No Evidence of Disease).  Enjoy the feeling!  And of course you are always welcome here.  You beat the beast.

Strength and Courage,


mortalMike - (11/9/2018 - 3:39am)

Thank you, Susan

lkb - (11/10/2018 - 7:57pm)

Glad to hear that your test came back negative-yes! They cannot know if it will come back; currently, you're NED and congrat-worthy, so I'll go with that. Too, as mentioned, you're always welcome here.


October 2017 primary scalp WLE; SLNB; partial neck dissection (PND). July 2018 recurrence in neck. August 2018 second PND. September 2018 started Nivo. December 2018 SRS for brain met.


mortalMike - (11/12/2018 - 10:03pm)

Thank you, Lisa