Laser for scar reduction

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3/18/2017 2:16pm
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Has anyone done laser treatments (Fraxel) or other treatments to reduce the appearance of scars from complete lymph node dissection? Especially would like to know if anyone did this for a scar on the neck (from behind ear down to center of lower neck)

geriakt - (3/18/2017 - 5:53pm)

Try cocoa butter on the scars. Mine are hard to notice but the scars don't bother me one bit. 

Anonymous - (3/20/2017 - 1:11pm)

I did extension research regarding various lasers & treating scars. After consulting with 3 laser specialist doctors, I decided to go forward with laser treatment. To my dismay, after several treatment over a 1 yr period, there was only minimum improvement of my scar. The cost was very expensive because treating scars, you need multiple treatments. The doctors never guaranteed improvement because each person responds to laser treatment differently. I would NOT recommend getting laser treatment for scars. Save your money and try over the counter products that improve scars.That's my 2 cent on laser for scars!