Last Test for Awhile

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Drew N
7/30/2010 11:09pm
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I had a bunch of checkups stacked up, but was nervous about "tweaks" near my surgical site. So in the last month I've seen my onco, dermatologist, surgeon, and have had a CT scan and a colonoscopy for good measure. Plus the usual xrays and bloodwork. All negative. Have a few spots on my liver that haven't budged since late 08, but who knows how long they've been there. So that's nothing new since November 08.

My surgeon told me that my tweaks were simply nerves in the area where there'd been cutting. BTW, he (Dr. Gershenwald) defies surgeon stereotypes--truly a great guy to talk to, and from everything I've seen and heard, a darn good cutter.

Gonna keep pounding the curcumin and enjoying each day. Y'all keep the faith.

Drew Nelson

Sharon in Reno - (7/31/2010 - 7:58am)

YEY......that sounds wonderful. Keep up the good work and keep enjoying life. Good for you.

love, Sharon in Reno, Stage IV

To Thy Own Self Be True & Move Fast When You "Know" You Have To!!

akls - (7/31/2010 - 8:58am)


Glad to hear you latest round of test were good!  It's funny you post about your "tweaks" I have been having some "twinges" or wierd feelings around my excision site too.  My PET was clear and my derm and onc. said nerve pain too.  Keep enjoying life!

Amy S. in Michigan


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