Lesion pain?

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9/12/2017 11:01pm
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I'm looking for pain management strategies for melanoma lesions in my foot/ankle. I had my primary removed from my heel in January 2016 (iiic) and resently started the ipi/nivo combo after failing a keytruda trial. I'm currently stage iv with multiple recurrences, in transit lesions, and a new nodule on my lung. I've been told my disease is very aggressive and I am starting to worry about chronic pain. Since I'm relatively young (41) with young children, I'd like to maintain my quality of life as long as I can before everything potentially starts going downhill.

Thoughts? Words of advice? 

marta010 - (9/14/2017 - 8:17am)

Hi - my husband has been working with a palliative care doc intermittently throughout his 5 year battle when he has pain management issues.  I would highly recommend making an appointment - likely your oncologist can make a referral or recommendation.  Take care.