Liver function tests were good!

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2/4/2011 10:30pm
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I posted the other day that I had terrible numbers on my blood work. I retook the blood test yesterday and they were greatly improved.  Lesson learned was no erythrimycen and zocur at the same time!!! 

Meanwhile was scheduled for a bilateral mri today. I have never had claustrophobic issues before but today was a disaster. I had to have them pull me out of the machine. They did it differently this time and they basically put my breasts in a vice type of contraption and there was no mirror where I had my head faced down.  As they were moving me back into the tube my feet hit the walls. That was it......  I'm rescheduled in a few weeks at a different institution, maybe it will be done like I used to have it in Myrtle Beach (I would travel for the test but we just rented our house), I think I'll also take something before the test to calm me down.  They told me that it's the only MRI that has you on your stomach.

Cystoscopy on Tuesday and PET/CT the following Tuesday to see what the lung nodule is doing. 


So glad your blood work is looking better.

Oh, those stinking MRI's. I never thought I was clausterphophic until I had the mask pushed down on my face and couldn't move a muscle. I've so far done okay but am waiting for the day when I don't. I think about asking for atavain before I go in. Probably would help.

Hoping for good news from both your scans!

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Hi Linda,

I am so happy to read that your liver function is back to normal!  That is excellent news.  I hear you about the breast MRI - it is almost insulting to lay face down on what seems to be some sort of medieval torture table.  The last one I had done was more open.  It seemed as if my legs from the knee down and my head, neck up were more or less out of the machine.  I hope you can find something like that next time.  I am horribly claustrophobic, but this was okay.  (Well, other than the breasts in a rack deal!).

I will be sending positive Delaware thoughts and light to you on the two Tuesdays coming up.  I hope you know how important you and your caring input are to me and the rest of us here.



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Well, let's celebrate the improved blood work!  That MRI does sound horrible.  I would think some IV sedation would be available if you told them ahead of time (I realize that you didn't know you would feel this way this time) that you were claustrophobic and if you had a driver.  I don't like the brain MRI (and I know some who find it very relaxing and snooze through it..LOL) but so far have managed to make it through but the bilateral breast one sounds awful.


Will be sending good thoughts your way on Tuesdays (and other days, too)


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Hi Linda, delighted to learn that your liver function test results were much improved.  Good luck with your cystocscopy and PET/CT...scananxiety takes a lot out of us....Val

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Great to hear that you test results were good.

Remember that in the MRI, you are not going to suffocate, it is not going to collapse on you...give yourself rational thoughts. My first "tunnel test" was many years ago and it was not easy. Now I fall asleep for part of it.

Best wishes.

Do the best you can.

That's great news, Linda! I can't tell you how wonderful it was to wake at 4:30am this morning and see this posted- I'm even smiling despite the insomnia! :P I'll be thinking of you for the upcoming scans and hoping for the best possible results, and I'm sorry to hear your scan was dreaddul- that doesn't sound much fun at all *shudder* (At least I was asleep when I had to lie down for that long, and they've done a great job- only have a couple of tender areas this morning :D)

By all means, take something to calm you if needed. Sometimes a mild calmative is enough to take the edge off- they have these drugs available for a reason, so if you are uncomfortable and anxious it is well worth taking something if it's available. I'll be hoping the other institution does it in a manner that is less trying for you.

*still smiling at your news*

You take care!



Meh. Get on with it.

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Dear Linda,

I understand completely about "losing it" doing an MRI. I would ask for an anti-anxiety med to help keep you calm. I had an MRI that lasted 2hrs 45min and it was unbearable. It took a lot of mental work and talking to myself to get through it, as I didnt have an meds, not knowing how long to expect. I listened to music and kept my eyes the ENTIRE time! Good luck!

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2 hours and 45 min would have done me in!!!!  Usually I don't have issues and I've done this test 2 or 3 other times. This time when they put my face head down and all that I could see was towels just inches from my nose was too much. Then when they started packing something around my boobs so that I couldn't even twitch that was it! 

I've made another appointment for a few weeks from now and this time I will take meds first! I'm also going to a place where I know that they will have a mirror so I won't feel so isolated!!  THis place also told me that they give headphones with music. That has to help!




Good to hear the news about your blood tests, hope everything starts going in a good direction for you. Good luck with the lung nodule, wish it was nothing. You have been through enough with melanoma.


Thinking of you!



You'll make it Gal.  Glad to hear that the blood work came out good.

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