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12/4/2018 8:59pm
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Hello everyone! 

I am usually a pretty positive person but yesterday this stupid situation had me at a low point. I was so excited to start treatment with no tumors/mass that can be seen on a pet scan. (first treatment nov 12) I thought I would be on a smooth road from here on out. Silly me I should have known I got in a car accident Sunday night and when I left the hospital to go to walgreens to get my muscle relaxers I decided to read over all the paperwork and there I see it...2.3x1.6 cm low density right lobe liver mass. The doctors at the hospital said nothing about it. So I wanted to know if anyone has experienced this while on treatment and what the next step is going to be...I am worried...



doragsda - (12/4/2018 - 9:05pm)

My wife had a liver mass show up while on immunotherapy.   They did a more detailed scan and determined it is a hemangioma - completely harmless.

Especially as we get older, the liver seems to accumulate cysts and defects, even in perfectly healthy people.   These are normal and generally of no concern.   You should talk to your melanoma specialist about it, but try not to worry as there is a good chance it's not an issue.

kannevans - (12/4/2018 - 10:45pm)

I am trying not to overthink this but it’s hard. I sure hope it’s not  there because it has spread. I have an appt and infusion on Monday so hopefully I can get some answers. My melanoma specialist sent the scan to his radiologist and they were going to discuss it at tumor board tonight so hopefully I have some answers tomorrow. The unknown is a terrible thing. Thank you for your reply it made me feel better! 



lkb - (12/4/2018 - 10:54pm)

Keeping high hopes for you!

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