Long-lasting/bumpy bruise? Something worse? ( pics )

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4/14/2018 12:54am
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Hi all. I’m back again...had a mole removed that came back as moderately atypical a few weeks ago. Been obsessively checking my skin ever since, convinced I’m going to end up with melanoma  

I’ve had an odd mark on the back of my leg since early last year. It’s faintly hard underneath, and almost a bruise color. I don’t know when it showed up, but mentally I want to link it to an incident where I swung my car door shut too fast before my leg was clear. The pointy bottom edge caught my leg and hurt like CRAZY...I think it actually scraped the skin through my jeans and bruised pretty badly. 

But my hypochondria is trying to turn it into something more. It hasn’t changed at all - the way it looks now is pretty much how I remember it always looking, since it showed up. It doesn’t itch, but it’s just a little bit tender when pushed. I’ve just never really had an injury to compare this to. Could it just be scar tissue? Or does this look more sinister?

I’ve freaked myself out so much that now I’m almost convinced that the door hit my leg in a different spot. I go Monday for a full skin check that was already scheduled after my biopsy. 

I even went and hadn’t my bf help to reenact the incident, and the door nails the spot dead on. 




I should also mention I guess that there wasn’t anything there before. No small marks or moles. 

Forgot to include this one. http://tinypic.com/r/2dabmtt/9

It looks like dermatofibroma to me. 

Me too.  Very common on the legs - actually thought to be caused by bug bites but that isn't a certainty.  I have several on my lower legs.   You're getting it checked but I personally wouldn't be stressing about this.

Thank you both. I’d never heard of that before.  Checked it out and it all seems to match up, even saw a pic that looks much like mine. I even did the little pinch test, and it does dimple when squeezing around it. 

I have another mole that looks identical to the atypical one we removed, but smaller, so I imagine we’ll take that out but hopefully nothing else seems strange to my doc. I’ve learned so much about these things just reading through the posts here. This site is such a huge help. 

Derm said the same thing. Also said the other spot I was worried about looked fine. 

She found one on the back of my upper thigh though that I’ve never noticed before. It’s small, not even a mm, but it’s uneven.  No crusting/bleeding/itching. She looked at it, moved on, then came back to it. Then said she felt like we should take a sample of it to biopsy. And was talking to herself as she wrote in my form, “macular dotting with fusion” was all I heard. Umm...what??

She said there was just enough there that she wanted to sample it to test, and that “It may not come back atypical”. There was just something about the way she said it that my heart dropped. She then went on to say it could just be benign but she wanted to check. I asked point blank if she was thinking melanoma, and she just smiled and shook her head. And went on to make a bigger deal out of the hirsuitism I’ve been fighting. 

So here I am, another day where I can even think straight out of fear. How do you guys even cope?