Looking for Mel Specialist in Kansas City area

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8/2/2010 5:44pm
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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for an excellent derm and onc in the Kansas City area? My husband and I are currently relocating to Overland Park, KS from Massachusetts this summer and I'd really like to line up my doctors as soon as possible. I've unfortunately had several primaries since 2003 (two at stage 1, one at stage 3a), so I'm looking for a very thorough derm and also an onc who specializes in melanoma.  I'm willing to drive up to an hour away or more for the right doc.

I'm seeing my onc in Boston on Wednesday, so hopefully he'll have some names for me, but any suggestions by patients would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help!



Never say never...

My sister(JanB stage IV)  has used Dr. Gary Doolittle at KU Medical Center 913-588-7750.  She adores him and I can tell you from a caregivers perspective he is one of a kind!

Jeanne, thank you so much for the info!  I actually did a little research online and came across his name... I'm so happy to hear that he's a great doc, that makes my decision a lot easier!

Thanks again! I'm definitely going to try and get in with him!

Take care!


Never say never...