Losing Hooe

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2/9/2018 6:44am
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My origonal mm lesion appeared on my back in 05, after which they removed with with clean margins,snb, and removal of my lymph nodes under my left arm as a preventive measure, I believe I was staged as 2b.
After no signs of reoccurrences for 12+ years, it returned aggressively in my liver. I am braf pos. and I was put on taf/mek until the tumours became small enough. Then I had the ippi/opdivo which worked very well but I stopped due to toxicity in my liver,then back to taf/mek and just recently finshed two rounds of keytruda until tumour progression exploded in my liver. I am back on the taf/mek. They say there is nothing else they can give me. Are there long responders to taf/out there? Should I just accept this is my last year?