Low Vitamin D after melanoma removed 3 yrs prior

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5/30/2014 5:20pm
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Is it me or is this kinda ironic?


I get melanoma from too much sun, have it removed, and now I am very careful about sun exposure. Now 3 yrs later I end up with crazy low vitamin d....


Anyone else have this issue? Is it common?



Low vitamin D levels are generally common. Too much vitamin D is no good either. There are studies that try to relate low vitamin D levels with a worse prognosis for melanoma patients. Ironically low vitamin D levels can be caused by good sun protection.

however,. i take vitamin D as a supplement which is no problem at all.

I've had low Vit D levels at my last 2 physicals and have now been diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma. There must be some link with the 2.

I also had low Vit D levels several years ago and was diagnosed with Melanoma in Jan 2014


I'm aware of studies in Sydney, Australia attempting to link low vit D levels to melanoma incidence. It seems to be routine here to test all melanoma patients' vit D levels.