Lump under arm pit

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3/1/2011 6:42pm
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Hello , ater 3 and 1,2 weks post lymph node dissection under arm pit     i have swollen up spot the size of my fist. It feels pretty hard and I am gonna see my surgeon tomorrow. Has anyone else experienced this after surgery.

washoegal - (3/1/2011 - 8:24pm)

Sounds more like lymphedema.  Very common.  If you get the all clear recommend you find a lymphedema massage therapist.  If you doc give you an RX for massage then insurance will likely cover.

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Janner - (3/1/2011 - 8:40pm)

I'd think this is most likely a seroma.  Seromas are pockets of fluid and it can become quite hard.  You can get that and scar tissue in surgical areas.  It's good you are getting it checked out, but I'd think this is most likely related to surgical changes/healing than anything else.

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Carver - (3/1/2011 - 8:55pm)

As Janner said, it sounds like a seroma. I had one after my lymph node dissection (groin) and it was quite large. If you are concerned it's good to get it checked out. For one thing depending on how long it takes to dissolve, they may want to try and get some of the fluid out. I had a drain a long time and then they expressed and then another drain. I had a lot of fluid issues, including a seroma.

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ShariC - (3/2/2011 - 10:54am)

I had two surgeries in my armpit and each time, after the drain was removed, I developed the pockets of fluid.  I went back to my surgeon three separate times to have the fluid aspirated.  It was simple and painless.  I was SO much more comfortable after removing the fluid that was building up.  The first time, they removed 12 oz and said "geez, you were basically carrying around a can of pop under your arm"!  Funny.  After a couple of times the fluid didn't build up quicker than my body could absorb it. 

Also, I DID have a small mel tumor grow back in the axillary region (armpit) a few months after my initial surgery.  I suspect that it is because the affected lymph node melanoma had extended outside the outer portion of the lymph node.  My oncologist wasn't as concerned and still staged me at III.  I had the 2nd surgery to remove that small tumor and the surgeon took pretty wide margins of flesh around that.  Again, the fluid built up - and again I had it aspirated.  Everything is pretty well healed.  Its tender and the shoulder and arm muscles don't work quite as well and there is alot of numbness....but, a fine trade-off as far as I'm concerned.

Good luck!