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12/6/2017 10:33am
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On May 5th of this year I had a scalp melanoma removed along with 5 lymph nodes.  All lymph nodes came back clear.  I go back on Jan. 3rd for a lymph node check.  Last week I noticed I have a large lump about 4 fingers wide slightly below where a lymph node was removed on my neck, location is more back shoulder but towards the neck if that makes sense?  Not sure if this could possibly be a lymph node?  My  sister had Lymphoma and I distinctly remember her nodes feeling like marbles under the skin.  I would just call and have it checked but my husband started a new job 2 months ago so we are waiting for the new insurance to kick in, thanks in advance!

MichelleRHG - (12/6/2017 - 2:18pm)

Melanoma is sneaky. If it were me, I'd get a biopsy right away regardless of the cost, but that is me. I prefer to be proactive and aggressive when it comes to melanoma.

TexMelanomex - (12/6/2017 - 2:55pm)

Hi BJ, 

I have to agree that you should check this out. I also had a scalp melanoma and several nodes removed (all benign) and then had a node swell up about 6 months later and it was my old 'pal' melanoma. It very well could be nothing, but I absolutely think you should get it checked out sooner rather than you know, time is a friend of melanoma. If it turns out to be nothing you will probably feel better have spent the money and resting easy, if it is something you can launch the offensive sooner and then time becomes your friend. 


MovingOn - (12/6/2017 - 4:41pm)

How long till the new insurance kicks in? Do you still have prior insurance?

What you are describing in terms of the swelling definitely sounds troubling. Could you at least get an appointment now and have the biopsy scheduled for the day that the new insurance starts? Or give yourself a Christmas present and have the biopsy done now.

2018 is a new year!

BjHagins - (12/8/2017 - 11:33pm)

My husband called the insurance company to get a date and we already have! They sent a temporary card via email to print so I went today. Appt was with a PA who then had my surgeon come in to check. I actually have 2 nodes and the lump I am feeling is not a lode, the lump is directly by a lode, surgeon wasn't sure what it is/if it is related. At this time surgeon said the lymph nodes are too small to do a needle biospy, check them every few days and if they get bigger come back in right away, go back in January for the surgeon to check them. So now it's just a wait and see I guess