Lymph Nodes in Face

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9/19/2013 6:31pm
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Hi All-


I'm anxiously awaiting pathology results from excisional biopsy I had on my right cheek Tuesday. There were some small lump under scar. Doc took out 2 masses one 7mm the other 4mm. He said he thought they were lymph nodes. I have seem many posts abput reoccurrence in parotid gland and lymph nodes in neck but not in cheek. Anyone have any insight or knowledge of this? Also are the lymph nodes big? The lump was movable and slightly tender when I would move it around but not painful. I just can't find much on this and I'm going crazy. Just keep getting bad feeling about this.



Let's work for better treatments....for a cure!!!!

casagrayson - (9/19/2013 - 8:44pm)

There are three groups of lymph nodes in the face:



  • (a) infraorbital or maxillary, scattered over the infraorbital region from the groove between the nose and cheek to the zygomatic arch;
  • (b) buccinator, one or more placed on the Buccinator opposite the angle of the mouth;
  • (c) supramandibular, on the outer surface of the mandible, in front of the Masseter and in contact with the external maxillary artery and anterior facial vein.



This could be something that is not a lymph node.  Lots of people find lumps and bumps, and they aren't lymph nodes nor cancer.

Even if it is a swollen lymph node it remains highly probable that it is NOT melanoma!  Lymph nodes get enlarged for lots of reasons.  The more you try to "feel it out" the more you will irritate it and the longer it will take for the inflammation to pass (if it is a benign condition). 

As hard as this is, please try not to worry.  Wait for the pathology.  Deal with the problem when you know it's a problem, and not until.  

Hang in there, Josh!!

Strength and Courage,


JoshF - (9/19/2013 - 9:36pm)

Thanks for response. I guess my biggest concern is that lumps were under scar where I previously had melanoma resected. Should hear pathology results tomorrow. Anxiety is overwhelming. Don't want to have to go a 2nd round with Mel...guess we don't get those choices. Thanks again.

Let's work for better treatments....for a cure!!!!