M.D. Anderson help/advice, if you need it

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2/1/2014 6:52pm
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I'm new around here and still waiting on the staging of my melanoma, so there's not much help I can offer. The only thing I can do is if anyone is going to M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX for treatment, and especially if you plan to stay in the Rotary House, I can answer questions, offer tips/advice, etc.

My mom has been going to M.D. Anderson (she lives in Indiana) since mid-2012 for her Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and I've gone with her on all but two of those trips. She and I stay in Rotary House every time we go, and we lived there for four months while she got a stem cell transplant and did her 100 day recovery from it.

So despite the fact I live in Michigan, I can offer a lot of help with M.D. Anderson if anyone needs it. It's about all I can share at this point. ^_^

"Be who you are and be that well." - Saint Frances de Sales

Thanks for sharing Socks.  Anything anyone can share based on their experiences is always appreciated.

Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Hi Socks,

Thank you so much for offering your experience/tips for MDA.  My husband has an appt. there on 2/25, and we are working on the logistics.  Can you tell me if the Rotary House has a shuttle service to and from Houston Hobby?  For this initial trip, I think we may stay there, but if it turns out we are there for any length of time we will have to find something else if it exists?

What is the transportation situation there?  Would it be recommended to take a cab around?  

Thanks again!


The Rotary House doesn't have shuttle service to and from either of the airports, but there are a lot of shuttle services that can get you there from the airport. In my experience, they're about the same cost as taking a taxi, and the taxi will take you straight there. Glad to hear you're going to Hobby though; Bush is MUCH farther out.

Rotary House does have its own shuttle that'll go just about anywhere within a 2 mile radius; you can always ask at the front desk if the shuttle goes to whatever place you're trying to get to. It goes to various restaurants, shops, etc. and can take you to appointments, though from the Rotary House you can walk to most places via the skywalks, which is what I recommend. We never took a cab at any point during our stay there.

There are lots of other options close to the cancer center, and most of them offer shuttle services from what I've seen glancing out the MD Anderson windows. I think MDA might have its own shuttle, too? But I could be wrong on that.

At some point while you're there, a social worker will come over and introduce him/herself to you and your husband; they can help you find accommodations nearby and know which ones have shuttles, etc. so feel free to ask them if they can find you less expensive hotel options (I know the Rotary House is kind of pricey; my mom continues to stay there because she likes being within walking distance of all the appointments, and within the relative safety of the skywalks).

Oh,and the main thing you'll want Rotary House's shuttle for is almost sure to be dinner options. The Oaks (Rotary House's in-house restaurant) has okayish food but also unsurprisingly high prices for it. The buffets are good, but pricey, and the service is kind of...relaxed there, so don't expect an in-and-out thing there. Other than that, dinner options are pretty much room service (same food as The Oaks, plus some Pizza Hut options) and the main hospital cafeteria. You can get delivery to your room though; check Patient/Guest Relations for a packet of local restaurants within shuttle/delivery range. If you're up for going out and like Italian food, I recommend D'Amico's. :)

Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck to you both! MDA's been really good for my mom's lymphoma, and if U of M can't help me, MDA is where I'll be going, too.

"Be who you are and be that well." - Saint Frances de Sales