Measuring tumors for trials!

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10/24/2010 3:00pm
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As luck would have it, I had full head to toe PET/CT scans in 9/10 to get into a trial but I did not have a 1cm tumor. I had 2 tumors 6mm & 4mm on thigh

Now, I have another recurrence on my thigh that is growing very fast.

I really do not want to have scans again  until I am ready to qualify for a trial and the scans are part of the trial requirement.

Question: Has anyone had their tumors measured by other macines besides CT like ultrasound or anything else that can measure the size of the tumor? Are these machine reliable/definitive??

If I can just determine when my tumor is 1 CM then I can contact trials I might qualify for!! I do not want to sign up for a trial assuming that my tumors are 1cm then go through the scans & not qualify because the scans come back with less than 1 CM tumors.

Thanks for taking the time to repsond to my post. Wishing everyone a NED status.

Sharyn - (10/24/2010 - 10:37pm)

I'm now in my 3rd clinical trial, and most measurements were done by using a ruler. They all did an initial CT scan to obtain precise measurements as a baseline, but that was more for internal mets, not cutaneous or sub-cutaneous mets. So when your new tumor gets to 1cm, then apply for your trial, and they'll cover the cost of the scan. Good luck

Sharyn, Stage IV

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lhaley - (10/25/2010 - 8:51pm)

I just came back from my Dr. appointment with my pathology. The ultrasound had shown 1.7 cm. The biopsy showed 2.9 cm. I was told yes it probably had grown but ultrasounds are not exact enough to count on.

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