Medicare and Yervoy/IPI

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5/2/2014 8:13pm
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I recently became eligible for Medicare.

Does Medicare pay for IPI and the cost of the infusions?

I sincerely would appreciate the cost breakdown of what Medicare pays for the drug (yervoy/IPI) and for infusions.

Because Medicare is run by US governement does that mean, it does NOT matter what state you live in when it come to the cost of drug, etc.





cbs805 - (5/3/2014 - 7:29pm)

Yes, Medicare covers Yervoy for melanoma as long as it is medically necessary. Medicare covers 80% of the allowed amount (Medicare fee schedule) and your secondary insurance pays the other 20%.  Be sure you buy secondary insurance.  These treatments are very expensive.


Anonymous - (5/4/2014 - 12:51pm)

I have AARP Medicare supplement insurance that picks up 20% that Medicare does not pay.However, the supplement pllan I have does not drug. I have a humana drug plan that pays hardly anything when dealing with expensive drugs like IPI. Does anyone have just a drug plan like Humana & how much was paid on IPI infusions?