melanoma and chrono's or colitis

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10/11/2017 4:51pm
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I have had Chonos disesa since i was 15 years old, 62 now. I was on the intial double blind study in 1972 for 6-mp ( purithon) an immonsuppresent which was a wonder drug for me. the last 10 years saw increasedsquama and basil cells and now a very fast growing melenom stage III. I al looking to see if other petients on long term immon supprensants and how aggressive they choose to be after the intial dignosis. I have a great onogolost but I don't think he has much expereince with a patentien immonsuppresed for 40+ years




Hi Nancy,

Sorry for your struggle with Crohn's Disease, but glad you have been able to control it.  Certainly sorry for your Stage III melanoma (if I am understanding your post correctly).  If your melanoma was removed, at Stage III, it is a reasonable plan (even for those with no immunosuppression) to watch and wait....when it comes to your melanoma treatment.  Meaning...being very observant of your skin yourself, and seeing your oncologist and dermatologist regularly.  However, if you were to advance in melanoma, there are those who have certainly used immunotherapy even though they have autoimmune disease.

The first three posts in this link speak to that issue:  

You would probably be best served now, and in the future, but seeking a consultation with a melanoma specialist...meaning be seen at an institution that takes care of lots of melanoma patients by an oncologist who also takes care of many folks with melanoma.

I wish you my best.  Celeste


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Thank you for tose articles. I feel i am at a good cancer center. Moores at UCSD. I am very lucky that many of my godson's parents are doctors and when i was diagonised i got a referal from a breast cancer specilist that i know and trust.  My gasterentolist is also at the same facility. hi met with him and he told me he has succefful had petients treated with this immono druga they just need very carteful monitoring.

It is hard for me to sit back and wait so in the mean time I am also seeing a natropath and he has helped me change my diet and is doing some blood tests to identify natural agents that will boost my immine system