Melanoma No.4

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11/5/2018 4:41pm
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Hi everyone, I’m an old timer on this board. Joined nearly 17 years ago Stage 3b. It’s been 18 years since my first diagnosis. Like clockwork, I was diagnosed yesterday with another melanoma on my back. Clark Level 2 - Pt1a. I am under constant surveillance but yet here we are again. I seem to average one every 5 years. The pathology was 0.33mm. 0 mitotic rate, no ulceration. No lymph infiltrate. Mixed intraepidermal growth rate. I don’t know what that means? Anyone know? I had just finished radiation for a squamous carcinoma on my nose. It’s weird because I am under a trial at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane Australia wherein I was being skin checked and also checked by a 3D machine - only 3 in the world. I was due for my 6 monthly check tomorrow. I am going to America at the end of the month so I wanted anything suspicious removed before I left. This mole was brown, slight variation nothing special. It just goes to show, none if my melanomas have been easy to pick up. So I thought I would report in and really emphasis how important skin checks are after an initial diagnosis. I go every 3 months. Wish me luck with surgery tomorrow. I don’t know what I would have done without this board, it’s been a lifesaver. Thank you and I wish everyone luck and to keep string and vigilant with beating this insidious disease.

mwang122 - (11/5/2018 - 11:24pm)

Almost cried reading your story. Wish you all the best!!!

marta010 - (11/6/2018 - 8:46am)

Melanoma is a sneaky bastard.  It's so vitally important to be diligent with the regular skin checks.  Glad you found it early - safe travels on your visit to the US. Take care


lkb - (11/6/2018 - 12:10pm)

Thanks for posting and for helping us stay diligent. Glad to hear no lymph involvement.


October 2017 primary scalp WLE; SLNB; partial neck dissection (PND). July 2018 recurrence in neck. August 2018 second PND. September 2018 started Nivo. December 2018 SRS for brain met.


Nicky - (11/6/2018 - 5:49pm)

Thanks everyone. Very grateful that it’s still a thin melanoma. I’ve already had a full dissection of the lymph nodes in my groin 18 years ago and I really want to preserve all the rest of them. I am readying my self for three surgeries this afternoon. A wider excision for the melanoma on my back, another suspicious mole and another squamous carcinoma on my face. I’m going to have a margarita when I get to Los Angeles and raise it to all my old melanoma friends past and present on this amazing American page. I know there is a lot of pain on this board and we can all just allow ourselves to acknowledge it. At least we have each other through the good times and bad no matter where we are in the world. I wish you all so much healing on your journey.