Melanoma Pain

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10/6/2010 5:04pm
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Can Melanoma cause a burning type pain in the groin area?

Thank you.

lhaley - (10/6/2010 - 5:10pm)

Each person's tumors are so varied it's definitely a question to ask your Dr.  Right now I have a tumor in my arm - it has been biopsied and is getting removed in about 8 days.  Mine is along a nerve line and it does send burning shooting pains. That being said my nerves don't react like other peoples do - too long of a story to go into. 

Have you had any nodes removed in the area?   You didn't say your stage so it really wouldn't be possible for someone to just guess.

Don't always think of melanoma as the first possibility, but do call your Dr.!!

Hoping it's something very benign,