Melanoma Road Trip USA visits us!

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2/17/2011 7:22pm
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Yesterday, we were visited by two young men from Australia that are traveling the US on an 18 day tour to spread awareness about Melanoma.  In Dec 2008 when Eric was in the hospital from the surgeries to remove his lymph nodes I did a search to learn more about Melanoma.  I came across a video from Jay Allen of Australia.  His story was identical to Eric's.  I wrote Jay a note and thanked him for posting the video...then the next day I received an email from Jay.  Jay and I kept in touch ever since.  Monday, Jay celebrated 3 years without Melanoma.  Accompaning Jay on this journey is Clinton Heal.  Clint was just named Young Australian of the Year.  He also lives with Melanoma having had 34 tumors removed.

They came to our home and stayed with us.  We have formed such a bond.  Channel 2 came to our home and covered some of our story.  Here is a link to that coverage.  The interview was actually an hour long but unfortunately a lot got chopped!  I really wish we could have had more information shared about Melanoma and the dangers...

Jay & Clint also interviewed my daughter Sam and my father.  They are posting those videos on their blog at


bcl - (2/18/2011 - 12:30am)

Great interview Jill and Eric!  I just emailed 'the boys" to let them know about the successes we're having in Canada with teen sunbed bans.  Hopefully, if & when they get more media attention, they will be able to speak more to the dangers of melanoma ...but what you did was still very powerful!!!   Thank you:)  -  linda


It was great to see you both in the video.  It's good to see Eric looking so well.  Keep it going.


Jerry from Cape Cod

It's about kickin' Melanoma's butt!

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