Melanoma specialist in Connecticut

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9/10/2018 11:13pm
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HI All,


I just moved into CT, USA recently. I have mucosal melanoma/ Could you please guide to choose a good melanoma specialists in Connecticut.





The Smilow Cancer Center in New Haven is a nationally recognized center for melanoma research and treatment. 

I have been seeing Dr. Mario Sznol (excellent) for the past ten years. Dr. Harriet Kluger is also a melanoma oncologist at Smilow. The Yale - New Haven Smilow team has given me perfect care during all of my melanoma treatments.

John J Kissane

I was a patient of Dr. Mario Sznol at Yale New Haven in 2009 and was very pleased. After failing treatments that were available to me at the time, he made me aware of a clinical trial at another hospital that might help. Long story short, he helped hook me up to see Dr. Anna Pavlick at NYU in New York City who I still see today.

My purpose in telling you this is that going to New York City or even Boston might be an option for you depending on where in Connecticut you live.

Good luck.

Thanks for your reply....It really helps