Melanoma Specialists in Northern California

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1/12/2014 1:05pm
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My husband is being treated for Stage III melanoma in Sacramento, but our doctors here now feel we need to see specialists in San Francisco.  We may be referred to Dr. David Minor at California Pacific Medical Center, or possibly a Dr. Spittler with UCSF. I'm not sure how to determine who's the best, or if there is a particular person we should try to see . . .

Comments and insights on best options in Northern California much appreciated.

My husband has had surgers in October and again in January to remove a melanoma from the bottom of his foot, cancerous lymph nodes.  90 days after the first surgery, a PET scan found more cancer in the groin area, which proved to be more extensive than our surgeon had anticipated.  I have asked if we are now Stage III or IV, but our surgical oncologist said that is open to interpretation - just that it is time to see someone for whom melanoma is a specialty area.


Anonymous - (1/12/2014 - 2:14pm)

Dr. Minor is a wonderful Melanoma Specialist.

However, I would interview with 2 or 3 melanoma specialist because each specialist has different Clinical Trials that you husband might be qualified for.

If it were me, I would also see Dr. Daud at UC San Francisco.

If you do not mind traveling to Los Angles, I would also so Dr. Steven ODay at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center.

Good Luck

Anonymous - (1/12/2014 - 2:39pm)

Spittler is at No. Ca. Melanoma center not UCSF, they are not tops.  Dr. Daud is well known for research at UCSF.  Dr. Minor is known for doing old stuff, biochemo etc that others don't do cause of new stuff. Not much research going on there at Ca. Pacific.

The best center is UCLA but not in No. Ca.

Hi Michele,

I also recommend Dr. Daud at UCSF. He has been treating my father for about a year. We also met with his colleague, Dr. Algazi, once when Dr. Daud was travelling, and he seemed very knowledgeable and thoughtful.  We got a second opinion from Dr. Minor, who works with a team that has a strong reputation for melanoma treatment. We decided to go with Dr. Daud, in part because his approach seemed more progressive/he was more open to a variety of treatment options.

Good luck!


Thanks so much - this is just the sort of information I was hoping to find.

I'm not sure to what extent we have control over selecting a specific doctor - we are new to all this - but it is very good to have some names to ask about.