Melanoma on spine

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5/16/2011 3:32pm
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I have one thing then another with this M-stage iv.  Lumps, tingling, weakness all over.   Now this:   There was always supposed to be a small mass on my lower spine but caused no problem.    For about 2 weeks now, sever pain in lower left on my back.    Pain pills having hard time challenging it.

Took a ct scan and waiting for Dr. to give results.   He said possibly if mass grew  it could cause the  pain..  Some of the other stuff has left.   He said if mass has grown he will recommend radiation.  Just got done with a bunch of that on face, chest.

If anyone has had a similiar thing I would appreciated you telling me.   Remember I am 79yrs. old and have heart disease for 40+ years.

I think I am going to have a raffle so my wife  can have some money.    Sell ticket to see which one: (heart or Cancer)  gets me first.  !!!!!!!!!!!

I seem  to learn more about me on this forum than when I go  to Dr.   Which is 3-4 now.     Thanks

Carol Taylor - (5/17/2011 - 1:39pm)


I've read your message several times but because you asked for similar stories, and I don't have one, I haven't responded.  But I don't want you to go unanswered, it's probably many folks are like me and maybe they can't relate.

So, can I just hang out with you a moment? My pain that nothing could touch came in 1999 after a car wreck that broke a thumb in 2 places and left me with RSD that spread through my left hand, arm, and up beyond that shoulder. Only a nerve block could touch it. But it was through that experience that I came to grow a lot in my faith and undestanding of prayer. Then when melanoma came in 2008, God and prayer saw me through and still see me through.

So, can I pray for you?

Lord, I lift our friend, Your child, and his pain to You and ask for relief. Lord, help him deal with these health issues. Open doors for him that need opening and close those that need closing. Hold him and his wife through this time and provide what they need from Your abundance. Grant his drs Your wisdom in his treatment and just guide him in keeping hope alive and persevering. In Your mercy, make it so. Amen.

Grace and peace,


shellebrownies - (5/17/2011 - 2:08pm)

My husband's melanoma spread quickly from his initial site (right shoulder)  to (among other areas) his bones in his pelvic area and 5 lower vertebrae. We learned today that it is now affecting the sheath around the spinal cord between 2 vertebrae. He has experienced an upswing in pain in his lower back because of it, but he has been able to manage it with pain medication...nothing like what you are describing.

Perhaps the tumor you have has started pressing against the spinal cord? The doctor in our case recommended corticosteroids and radiation; but we're still deciding a course of action.

Best of luck to you. I hope your doctor can get your pain and treatment managed for you soon.


Michelle, wife of Don, Stage IV 

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