Melanoma spread to gums

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5/2/2014 4:19pm
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Hi there,

I'm having a hard time researching a turn that my friend has taken in her melanoma fight. After a year of interferon not helping to keep the site on her back (and lymph nodes) from growing, she was on chemotherapy for about 5 months last year or so, and was given the NED stamp at that time.

After a good check up in March, she had pain in her mouth, and went to an oral surgeon who biopsied gum tissue. It's apparently stage 1A melanoma, and is still being considered as linked to the original site of origin. We both have consulted good old Dr. Google, but that turns  up oral melanoma, which is not - at least not according to her doctor.

We knew that the chemo left her immune system and soft tissue very weak, and thus very succeptible to further cancer. Nonetheless, it's never great to be back here.

Does anyone have any research or experience with this kind of spread?

Next steps are two months of interferon 2b, a lymph node dye test, and then likely a brain scan, since that hadn't been scanned since the original pre-chemo scans last year - all scans were from the chest level and down...

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


Anonymous - (5/5/2014 - 2:50am)


Sorry to hear about your friend. It's hard to see our loved one's fight this disease....

If I were you I would get a brain MRI done now and see at least two people who read the report AND look at the images with you.

My Mother was given the all clear. And the 3rd melanoma specialist we saw actually found 3 brain mets. One month to the day she had gamma knife radiation and she had 9 brain mets.

Even after treatment we ended up having issues with ongoing diagnosis. i.e. A neuro-oncologist said there was 1 new tumor, our oncologist had another radiologist review her scan and said there were at least 5 in her prefrontal lobe alone... She had 16 brain mets gamma knifed 1 week later.

We've been "lucky" so far to have been able to get treatment and ensure that there were no cognitive issues to date. Brain mets are very tricky and because your friend has this in her mouth I would really push to have the scans done ASAP, if for anything peace of mind. 2 months is too long to wait.