Mets to small bowel- Surgery?

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12/1/2017 9:30pm
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Has anyone delt with mets to the small bowel and had surgery?

My husband is 36, and has mets to the small bowel. The mets are causing thickening of the intestine and causing a blockage. He also has mets (lymph nodes) to his mesentary. He was hospitalized over the week, and the plan is surgery to hopefully remove the portion of bowel causing the issues. We still havent met with a surgeon yet to see what the exact plan is though. In the mean time, the poor guy is on a liquid diet to keep from getting a bowel obstruction. :(

My question is, if you had surgery, who did it? Anyone you would reccomend? We are looking for the best. We want someone to be as aggressive as possible and remove as much disease as possible. My husband is stage Iv, but determined to beat this! We have an appointment with a surgeon at the U of Washington on the 11th, but we want to have a back up in case we need a second opinion.

He has been at this for four years, and has been through interferon, yervoy, nivolumab, a clinical trial that included nivo and an oral med, and he is now on tafinlar and mekinist. Hoping for a long response on the taf/mek because he feels so good on it! After taf/mek, we will hopefully find a clinical trial.

Hoping everyone is feeling well, and keeping up the good fight!!

I did not have mets to small bowel but had all modes removed from abdomen/pelvis by melanoma surgeon Dr. Janice Cormier at MD Anderson. She is a very aggressive, experienced melanoma surgeon. Sending you all my best.

BrianP - (12/7/2017 - 9:29pm)

This is who did my small bowel resection.  I live in NC and he was at Duke when I had the surgery.  He's in Texas now but I might travel there if I ever needed another surgery.  He is that good in my mind.

As far as the small bowel resection. Going into it I had in my mind how bad stomach aches and things like that can be.  Then I imagined someone cutting your bowels and how awful that must feel but actually wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined.  Big thing is to get up and start walking as soon as you can after the surgery and take regular walks to help get the metabolism started back up.  After a week I was proably about 80% and after 2 to 3 weeks didn't even feel like I had a surgery.  Best of luck to you all going forward.


BrianP - (12/7/2017 - 9:31pm)

Don't want to leave the impression it was a cake walk..  All surgeries suck but this didn't suck as bad as I thought it would if that makes sense.