Moderately dysplastic compound Nevus

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7/30/2014 7:51pm
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Hi. Used to come here. First husband had melanoma and passed away 6 years ago. I just had mole biopsies with the subject line. Derm says it is cancer. I say it is not. What do you all say?  I was Horski or Kimmyie back then if any of you were here then.


Not cancer in my book, if it isn't in situ or has a depth, it isn't melanoma.  I've had moderately dysplastic nevi and barely gave them a second thought.  And yes, I remember you!

Thanks Janner! Do you believe they had receptionist call to say it was cancer and  wanted to sched surg?! I remember you too. How are things?


If the margins weren't clear, some docs will want clear to conservative (2-3mm) margins for a moderately atypical lesion, but that still doesn't mean it was cancer.  Docs differ on whether or not moderately atypical lesions need clear margins or more.  My doc wants at least clear margins, but there is no standard protocol.   Maybe that was the confusion?  Regardless, I'd want someone who I could work with and this doc doesn't sound like the right one.

I'm still here, so something is wrong!  :)

Not cancer, may never be.  Find another Derm!

Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living.

Already have pcp working on it :) thanks for confirmation of what I needed to hear!


I don't understand.  Do you all believe a dysplastic nevus should not be removed?

My understanding is it isn't cancer but considered potentially pre-cancerous, meaning it might evolve into something cancerous in 6 months, 6 years, or never.  But the potential is there.

Is it safe then to ignore them?

I would love to know if it is safe to ignore them as well!  I recently had a shave biopsy done and it turned out to be moderately dysplastic.. My derm says it probably won't develop into melanoma, but that I should still have it excised.  It is on my upper chest and I am admittedly vain, worried about the inch long scar it will leave with.  Is it necessary or can we "monitor" it instead?  Anyone??