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11/27/2017 11:54am
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Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!  I had posted 6 weeks ago that I had been NED for over a year after almost 2 years on Keytruda; but my PET showed a spot although the CT showed nothing.  I just had an MRI which shoed nothing.  I was very relieved, but because of abdominal/intestinal isssues that I;ve been having my oncologist contacted my endo for testing.  Im now waiting to see what he wants to do.  The symptoms resemble IBS exactlt from what I've read, but I had a tumor and 8 in. of my small bowel removed 3 years ago.  The symptoms also resemble that period.

On another note, I am bewildered and concerned at how depressed I became over that spot tht showed on the liver.  I had gone from being NED after Ipi to 3 months later having over a dozen lesions in my liver 2 years ago.  I really don't like feeling so down, but I couldn't seem to help it.  I'm sure many of you have some tips on how to handle your anxiety I just heard on the news that 20% of cancer patients suffer from PSTD.


cancersnewnormal - (11/27/2017 - 2:11pm)

OMG... I can just imagine your sense of relief! I too saw something about cancer patients and PTSD. While most days I feel like I can tackle the world... there are certainly those times when you start having those "Oh man... what if this is something?". I try to distract on those days...... dive into a work project... go for a bike ride or hike (a LONG one)... even cleaning the house helps! The most difficult hours are trying to fall asleep. So far, reading a book or watching a happy feels movie will help until I finally doze off. 

Like you, I'm over a year clear after almost 2 years on Keytruda... but still wonder sometimes if the other shoe is going to drop. I'm not really a "worrier" by nature, so this is an odd feeling when it hits! I don't feel like I'm having so much difficulty that meds should be introduced, but it would be nice to find additional ways to settle my brain when the "oh sh**" starts to move in. I'm in California, soooooo... we're just a couple of months away from legal weed... buuuuuut... I'm also a control freak and don't like the loss of complete brain function.