mucosal melanoma wild type mutation

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4/7/2014 4:26pm
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Can anyone answer this for me. I know that mucosal melanoma is rare. How rare is the BRAF wild type mutation?




Anonymous - (4/7/2014 - 6:03pm)

"Wild Type" means normal - no mutation.  So wild type BRAF will not respond to any of the BRAF related drugs.  Last I heard, BRAF mutations occur in somewhere around 50% of melanomas so wild type is probably the other 50%.

Mucosal melanoma will not have the BRAF mutation, it may have the CKit mutation, so get tested!  My husband has mucosal melanoma and has neither Braf or CKit mutations.  So, he is considered wild type!    Valerie (Phil's wife)

Anonymous - (4/8/2014 - 9:01am)

All cancers have mutations - wild type is mutations that have not been identified.