My dad will start the GSK braf brain met trial!

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3/17/2011 10:20am
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My dad finally got into the GSK-braf inhibitor brain met trial at Vanderbilt!  He starts the medicine today and will return in a month for scans.  His doctor (Dr. Sosman) said this was his best option (over gamma knife).  He has two small brain mets as well as 2 lung mets, one in his pelvis and a couple in the neck area.  We just really need him to be a responder so he can hopefully take ipi in the coming months if this drug starts to fail.  Thanks for all your help and I'll let you know how it goes.



Good luck to your father! Please keep us posted on how he is doing on this treatment! Sending positive thoughts your way!!

Amanda (Stage 4)

Glad everything got moving so quickly!  Please keep us updated!


Adrienne, just wanted to say good luck. We live in Huntsville, Al. We went to Vandy, but did not want to do clinicals for stage 3. We are waiting & watching. We also completely changed our diets. Following "The Bible Cure for Cancer" Dr. Don Colbert & other nutritional cancer fighting books. This was the only thing I could do to help my husband. Juicing & eating healthy has made him feel better than he has in years. Praying for your family, Pepper.

"God is our refuge & strength, an ever-present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1

Great!  Here's hoping and praying that he responds.


Good luck!  Let us know how he's doing - we love to hear good news!